Infocus specialise in Portrait Photography in the Territory for:

Design Session

Prior to capturing the image of your family and children, we organise a design session. This is where we dicuss what you are after, what location, studio or enviornmental, clothing and other things. It  is important to have the design session so we can discuss any ideas you have and what time would suit best, plus what clothes to wear to acheive the look that you wish to portray. If possiable we do like to meet all our portrait clients prior to capturing images of your family and loved ones.

Portrait Session

On the day, bring your clothing and props discussed at the Design session and we create a image just for you.

Viewing Session

7- 10 days after your portrait we will get you to view your images on-line.  We will show you the images that we have created for you, and you narrow down the selection and work out what sizes and products you would like to order.

You’ll find Michael’s images are like no others, with 30 years of professional experience he is considered Darwin’s premier Portrait Photographer, he’s the master of creating moments, using light and location and capturing emotive images. 

Pricing Information

Images start from $125.00 for the 8″x10″ (20cm x 25cm) and go up to the high hundreds for the wall size portraits. Prices work on a sliding scale, so that the more you order, the more the individual print prices drop down. There are also beautiful canvas portraits and variety of albums to choose from. More information on our prices

To Make a Booking

For more information or to organise your session, give Bronwyn or Michael a call on 89454444 or email them with your contact details so that we can contact you to organise a time to get together so we can find out a bit about yourself/ves to work out the best location and time for your photography.